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Friday , 20 January 2017
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A Open letter to Arvind Kejriwal by a CA to explain the Logic behind issuing New 2000 Rupee Notes instead of 1000

Dear Sir I am a practising Chartered Accountant aged 28 residing in Surat. I was very hopeful that you would support the notification of the demonetisation of currency and was very eager for your reaction because your very entry into Politics was for supporting any small move to reduce Black money and corruption. And after all, this was indeed a ... Read More »

How this Single Step of demonetising 500 and 1000 notes Is a HUGE Blow To Black Money and all Anti-India Forces

A SatyaVijayi Exclusive Taking the entire nation by surprise, PM Narendra Modi tonight announced a sudden demonetisation of Rs. 1,000/- & Rs. 500/- notes with effect from midnight. These notes will soon be invalid. This is a major assault on black money, fake currency, & corruption. In his first televised address to the nation, Modi said people holding notes of Rs. 500/- & Rs. 1,000/- can ... Read More »

India is the Most Open Economy says PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi, June 20 (PTI) Launching the second set of sweeping reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said it makes India the most open economy in the world for FDI and would give boost to employment as part of efforts to transform the country. He said amendments in FDI policy would promote ease of doing business as there will now ... Read More »

Govt Relaxes FDI Norms in Civil Aviation, Defence, Pharma

New Delhi, Jun 20 (PTI) Government today relaxed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms in a host of sectors including civil aviation, single-brand retail, defence and pharma by permitting more investments under automatic route. Other sectors in which FDI norms have been relaxed include e-commerce in food products, broadcasting carriage services, private security agencies and animal husbandry. “Now most of the ... Read More »

India reaches 2 Trillion Dollar mark with 7.9 % growth rate, PM Modi’s Acche Din is here !!!

India’s GDP has trounced expectations scoring a neat 7.9 per cent growth rate for the quarter ended March 2016. Asia’s third-largest economy also retained its world-beating 7.6 per cent growth for FY16 (with 2004-05 as base year), even as emerging markets like China, Russia and Brazil are slowing down. The fastest-growing-economy tag could bolster Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sales pitch ... Read More »

“India May Become Largest Global Economy in the World in Next Decade,” says IMF Chief – VIDEO

"India May Become Largest Global Economy in World in Next Decade," says IMF Chief - VIDEO

Asserting that Asia is the ray of hope for global economic recovery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that India has dispelled the myth that democracy and rapid economic growth cannot go together. Addressing MOF-IMF Conference on ‘Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that reform of global institutions has to be an on-going process, ... Read More »

Highlights of Budget 2016

Affirming that the economy is right on track, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget for 2016-17. Citing that the CPI inflation has come down to 5.4% from 9 plus, he said it is huge relief for the public. Tax No changes have been made to existing income tax slabs Infrastructure and agriculture cess to be levied. Excise duty ... Read More »

Glimpse of what to expect from Make in india week Mumbai

The Make in India initiative, in particular, aims to make India an integral part of the global supply chain. Key focus sectors such as defence, railways, construction, insurance, pension funds and medical devices have all been rapidly opened up for Foreign Direct Investment. The Government of India has also taken up a series of measures to radically improve its ‘Ease ... Read More »

Budget 2016-17: How it should be from the lens of Dr Subramanian Swamy – A Brilliant Opinion !!

Budget 2016-17: How it should be from the lens of Dr Subramanian Swamy

The Agriculture Sector should be accorded priority to be converted into a globalised system, encouraging farmers to export their produce, said BJP leader Subramanian Swami.  Delivering the keynote address at a pre-budget analysis session held at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K) Kochi Campus on Saturday, the senior BJP leader and former Union Minister said that the budget should ... Read More »

How GOI is taking advantage of record low oil prices-Must Read

It wouldn’t appear on the face of it but of the many economic and political situations which the govt. has handled in a messy way, leverage of falling crude oil prices is one area where government has shown remarkable acumen. This isn’t one of the out of box solutions implemented, just a traditional method of taking advantage of a favorable ... Read More »

Indian Entrepreneurs will Start Up, Stand Up and Shoot up to the Skies

Last Saturday night witnessed an action packed speech, it almost had every Indian Entrepreneur glued himself/herself to the live telecast of PM Narendra Modi on his Startup Action Plan . Amidst the loud cheers and thunderous applause, the PM not only captured the hearts of young leaders at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi but also clarified many a doubts of growing leaders who were sitting ... Read More »

International Media is Praising All Policies of PM Modi which are being Ignored by Indian Presstitutes-Video

There are many constructive news published and debated about India in International Media, but our presstitutes and news traders are busy to show fake and uninspiring controversial news. Rightly before some days, there was a India trend on twitter stating #MediaWantsRiots. Seems definitely true because there is so much constructive news to report but media is just biased to stick ... Read More »

ICICI CEO Chanda Kochhar Speaks to International Media on On why India’s Economy Outperforming China’s Economy

India is the fastest growing economy and quickly moving in the direction  of becoming the next super power. SO how is this happening ? Here is video which will tell you the reasons, facts and even the future of Indian economy .India has done well for women empowerment in Banking sector than the rest of the world.  so check it out… Watch ... Read More »

Petrol & Diesel prices: Arun Jaitley Brilliantly Explains the Economics And Thrashes Congress- VIDEO

Petrol & Diesel prices: Arun Jaitley Brilliantly Explains the Economics And Thrashes Congress- VIDEO

Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley explains the economics of petroleum prices and how they are managed taking into account interest of all stakeholders, especially the consumers’ interest. • As part of the clear policy of the present government, one part of the fall in international prices goes to the consumers first. Petrol prices have been reduced 20 times and diesel ... Read More »

What Morgan Stanley’s Vice Chairman has said about PM Modi is a Slap on All Those Criticizing Him

At a time when some leftist intellectuals are criticizing the national policies of PM Modi, this article published in the Economic Times portrays the real truth: Tom Nides, vice-chairman of Morgan Stanley, not only has a ringside view of the world of finance, but also the global geopolitics, thanks to his association with the US Democratic Party. The former deputy ... Read More »

रंग लाई मोदी की मेहनत : भारत ने चीन और अमेरिका को FDI निवेश में पिछाड़ा। पढ़ें भारत की सबसे बड़ी कामयाबी

रंग लाई मोदी की मेहनत : भारत ने चीन और अमेरिका को FDI निवेश में पिछाड़ा। पढ़ें भारत की सबसे बड़ी कामयाबी

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी को उनकी दो देशों की यात्रा से लौटने पर “रिटर्न गिफ्ट ” मिला है । भारत दुनिया की टॉप fdi destination  बन के उभरा है । 31 बिल्यन डॉलर के निवेश के साथ 2015 के पहली छमाही में चीन और अमेरिका को भी पीछे छोड़ दिया है। जहां भारत मे कुल निवेश 31 बिल्यन डॉलर का निवेश आया ... Read More »

Bringing the Internet to more Indians – starting with 10 million rail passengers a day

When I was a student, I relished the day-long railway journey I would make from Chennai Central station (then known as Madras Central) to IIT Kharagpur. I vividly remember the frenetic energy at the various stations along the way and marveled at the incredible scale and scope of Indian Railways. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Googleplex today I’m very ... Read More »

FULL VIDEO: PM Modi’s speech at SAP Centre San Jose, California.Takes ‘Damaad’ Swipe at Congress

FULL VIDEO: PM Modi's speech at SAP Centre San Jose, California.Takes 'Damaad' Swipe at Congress

 Addressing the Indian community in San Jose today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the Congress and even took a “damaad (son-in-law)” swipe. ‘From Upanishads to Upagraha’: Top 10 Quotes of PM in San Jose. A lot has changed in 25 years, since I last came. I have experienced in California the vibrant image of India. The magic of your fingers on ... Read More »

To save the nation from Coal Scam, Modi Government brings in New Technique with the help of ISRO

To save the nation from Coal Scam, Modi Government brings in New Technique with the help of ISRO

The Union Ministry of Mines is readying plans to use remote sensing satellite data to curb illegal mining across States, Mines Secretary Balvinder Kumar said on Thursday. Satellite imageries taken regularly would help to keep an eye on legal boundaries of mined areas. The Ministry plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Space Research Organisation on using ... Read More »

Watch VIDEO: Story of Jayapur – How PM Narendra Modi transformed a village in 10 months!

Watch VIDEO: Story of Jayapur - How PM Narendra Modi transformed a village in 10 months!

10 months after Modi “adopted” Jayapur under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) to showcase it as a “model of development”, achche din are here in this village in his Varanasi constituency. * Jayapur now has one more bank apart from Union Bank and Syndicate Bank. State Bank of India has opened a ‘Tiny Branch’, while Union Bank of India will ... Read More »

Harvard Business Review explains India’s Manufacturing Rise. Read the complete article

Understanding the Rise of Manufacturing in India

Harvard Business Review, one of the most prestigious economics blog has given a view about the India’s Manufacturing Rise. Read the complete article and do give your views in the comment box below: SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 Harvard Business Review : When many executives think about manufacturing, China is the first country that comes to mind. But there are other players grabbing ... Read More »

STOCK MARKET UPDATE AND Business News for 14 – 09 – 2015

Satyameva Jayate will now bring you the latest updates in Stock Market and from Business world accompanied by some expert articles on the current Situation of Indian Economy. Here is our Stock Market update for Today (14 – 09 – 2015)   Hopes of a rate cut by the apex bank on the back of strong macro economic data buoyed ... Read More »

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