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Friday , 20 January 2017
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Energy security

Piyush Goyal’s Awesome Conversation With David Letterman Shows How India Is Leading The World In Solar Energy

David Letterman, a renowned American TV talk show host, who is running his special documentary series – Years of Living Dangerously on Natioanal Geographic, and is about to get his interview aired with Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon, met Power Minister Piyush Goyal. Goyal said that asking India to limit the use of coal is not justified, least from the ... Read More »

PM Modi lands World Bank’s record 1 trillion dollars loan for mega solar power project

India Solar Energy image 2

The World Bank on Thursday signed an agreement with India-led International Solar Alliance (ISA) to mobilize investments worth $1 trillion by 2030 to help fund projects to increase solar energy use around the world. The agreement, establishing the World Bank Group as a financial partner for 121-nation ISA, was signed here in the presence of visiting World Bank President Jim ... Read More »

21000 CRORES: Read How Modi Government Saved This HUGE Amount for India

LPG Subsidy image 1

Government has saved over Rs 21,000 crore in cooking gas LPG subisdy in the last two financial years as paying the dole directly into bank accounts of actual users helped eliminate duplicate connections as well as diversions, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said today. The government began paying subsidy directly into bank accounts of cooking gas consumers in select districts from ... Read More »

21-year-Old Indian Pays Tribute to Modi’s Solar Vision for India Through this Amazing Aerial Video

Modi Boosts Solar in India

After ‘Green Revolution’, ‘White Revolution’ and ‘Mobile Revolution’, India is on the brink of a ‘Solar Revolution’. Solar power generation in our country has already crossed 19,000 megawatts (MW) and we are marching ahead for an additional 10,000 MW by 2017 – total of 100,000 MW by 2022. This ambitious target has been set by none other than our PM ... Read More »

The Story of #Solar Bharat: Discovery Channel Made a Documentary on How India is Going Solar. Must Watch for Every Indian

The Story of #Solar Bharat: Discovery Channel Made a Documentary on How India is Going Solar. Must Watch for Every Indian

When you think about green energy and solar panels, which country pops into your head? Is it Germany? Or France? Or some other country from the western world? Then it is about time that we Indians should know how green energy is progressing in our great nation. Solar energy has witnessed a phenomenal growth in India in the past few ... Read More »

Govt. Saves 2.9 Crore Daily By Distribution Of LED Bulbs

The Narendra Modi government’s programme to get consumers to replace less efficient CFL or incandescent lights with latest LED bulbs is gaining momentum, with the number of bulbs distributed crossing the 2-crore mark and generating Savings Of 2.9 Crore/Day And annual savings of over Rs 1,000 crore. Data Released Through Govt. Shows That the LED push, under the Domestic Efficient ... Read More »

Another Milestone Achieved

As said in Hindi “देर आए दुरूस्त आए  (came late but came for good)” Now seems to be holding true as ever since the new NDA govt came to power under the leadership of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (BJP) a lot of projects which were on hold for decades, by the parties still under colonial mindset, are not ... Read More »

Make in India: Swadeshi Diesel Now a Reality

The oil ministry on Monday launched commercial sale of ‘swadeshi diesel’ with the aim of reducing oil imports and carbon emission as well as providing alternative or additional source of income for farmers. Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the sale of diesel blended with 5% non-edible oil extracted from palm stearin, at Delhi, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Haldia. The blended fuel ... Read More »

Major Uranium deposits found in India

India’s plan for a ‘strategic uranium reserve’ received a huge boost with a joint research team of the city-headquartered Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) and Osmania University discovering significant quantity of uranium reserves in the Srisailam forests. The AMD-OU team carried out research in an area spread over 45 sq km around Srisailam sub-basin of Kadapa super basin in Andhra Pradesh. ... Read More »

India’s clean energy targets way ahead of others: UN official

In this age of global warming, it has become a need of the time to shift our dependence from oil, coal and natural gas for power supply to wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy sources. India targets 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, which includes 100 GW of solar, 60 GW of wind power, 10 GW of biomass-fired power and ... Read More »

24X7 Electricity In Every Home- An Approaching Realty

Nuclear power is the fourth-largest source of electricity in India after thermal, hydroelectric and renewable sources of electricity.As of 2013, India has 21 nuclear reactors in operation in 7 nuclear power plants, having an installed capacity of 5780 MW and producing a total of 30,292.91 GWh of electricity while 6 more reactors are under construction and are expected to generate ... Read More »

Solar-Powered Plane Soars to New World Records

A solar-powered airplane currently soaring over the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii, has set a slew of new world records, logging the farthest and longest flights made so far in a solar-powered aircraft. The Solar Impulse 2 plane set the new distance and duration records when it flew 3,519 miles (5,663 kilometers) in 80 hours. The solar-powered aircraft is ... Read More »

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