Modi Govt Just Made A Decision On Ram Setu Which Will Make Every Nationalist Proud !! Do Read It Full…

The Narendra Modi government has asserted that it will not allow the demolition of the Ram Setu structure at any cost.

“Regarding Ram Sethu, we are very much committed that at any cost we will respect the feeling of the people. We will not demolish it,” Union shipping and highway minister Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday.

Gadkari further said that the NDA government was confident of getting Rs 25 lakh crore investment for the highways and shipping sector during its tenure.

He also ruled out the possibility of scraping toll on national highways.

“For better service you have to pay the user fee. Charging user fee is essential since we don’t have enough government fund to carry out this massive expansion work and for building new expressways,” he said while addressing the economic editors’ conference in New Delhi.

Talking about the Sagarmala project, Gadkari said that 400 projects have been identified under the scheme and these would attract at least Rs 8 lakh crore investments.

 Source: India TV




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