NDTV Asked People To Send Videos Of Chaos Outside Banks- Check How Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga Royally Trolled Them

Source: The Lotpot

Recently, NDTV had got orders to go off air for 24 hours due to their sensitive coverage of Pathankot attacks. However, the ban was put on hold, after the channel challenged the decision in court and stated that even other channels had covered the news in the same way.

Once again, NDTV has hit the headlines, but this time the reason is different. Well, NDTV is such a channel that wants to cover every news possible and wants to do it “First”. Moreover, NDTV always wants to do it in a unique way, so as to grab maximum attention.

Now, amidst these chaotic situations outside banks and ATMs, following the note ban, NDTV posted a tweet on its Twitter handle.

We all know that in a bid to exchange currency, there are long lines outside the banks and people are actually having a tough time. There are even reports that people have either collapsed or have faced severe health issues standing in long queues in heat. So now, NDTV asked people to send short videos to them, so that they can put it on-air; here’s the tweet…

Here’s How They Got Trolled:





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