The Story of #Solar Bharat: Discovery Channel Made a Documentary on How India is Going Solar. Must Watch for Every Indian

When you think about green energy and solar panels, which country pops into your head? Is it Germany? Or France? Or some other country from the western world? Then it is about time that we Indians should know how green energy is progressing in our great nation.

Solar energy has witnessed a phenomenal growth in India in the past few years. Gujarat is leading the solar energy growth in India as more than 60% of total solar energy generated in India comes from Gujarat. Now the whole of India is ready to walk on Gujarat’s footstep. PM Modi ji has announced Government’s ambitious target of generating 100,000 MW of solar energy by 2017.

The growth of solar in India is also being appreciated by many other countries worldwide. Recently, Discovery Channel made a short documentary on how solar is changing lives in India. The movie is heart-warming. It shows how an 8-year-old boy, Raju, dreams of becoming a doctor, but lives in a village in UP where there is no electricity. Isn’t this shocking? We complain of powercuts in cities but there are Indian villages that have not been electrified till date. Raju’s life is about to change as his family gets solar home lighting system installed. Then the movie takes us to a primary health centre located in a remote Indian village near Indo-Bangladesh border where doctors were forced to deliver babies in candlelight because there was no electricity. Thanks to solar, these hospitals have 24×7 power now which is helping them save lives. Finally, we are introduced to the developed city of Chandigarh which is emerging to be India’s top solar city. The movie shows how a 1.3MW solar installation in Punjab Engineering College is helping college save money on electricity bills and set a good role-model for students.

We recommend that you spare 20 minutes to watch this documentary. It will definitely make you feel good about all the positive changes that are happening in India.



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