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Friday , 20 January 2017
Home » Anti National » TMC cadre attacks BJP Leader Rahul Sinha’s Car in Hooghly
TMC cadre attacks BJP Leader Rahul Sinha’s Car in Hooghly

TMC cadre attacks BJP Leader Rahul Sinha’s Car in Hooghly

Kolkata, Jan 9 (PTI) BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha’s car was today blocked by a group of Trinamool Congress workers when he went to Hooghly district to visit party leader Krishna Bhattacharya whose house was attacked by alleged TMC workers recently.

Sinha alleged that the TMC activists were led by the chairman of the Uttarpara-Kotrang municipality, Dilip Yadav.

Yadav, however said that the BJP workers entered a rally they were holding in the Hindmotor area to protest against demonetisation and Sinha’s car was caught.

Hooghly SP Sukesh Jain said that the police was investigating into the incident.

The BJP workers also lodged a complaint with the Uttarpara police station.

Sinha said that he would inform the Union Home Ministry about the incident and would also inform party president Amit Shah.

“I was on my way to the hospital when all of a sudden some TMC activists carrying party flags, attacked my car, shouted slogans and even pelted stones. My question is their party leader has been arrested for looting public money. So why are they attacking leaders of opposition parties?” Sinha told reporters.

He said that the attack on leaders of opposition parties was a sign of lawlessness in the state.

“A few days back our party headquarter was attacked. Then bombs were hurled at the house of our party leaders. And today my car is being attacked,” Sinha said.

“It clearly shows that top leadership has asked its leaders to attack BJP leaders and cadres,” he said.

The TMC leadership has declined to comment on the incident.



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