12 year old boy beaten up to death by two seniors in missionary school, “I want justice for my son” says the victim’s father

A 7th standard student died in hostel of a missionary school in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun, after being brutally trashed by two seniors of 12th standard. The incident happened on March 10 and the school authorities buried the Class 7 student inside the school campus on March 11 after his father said that he will not be able to take his son’s body home.

The senior students were reportedly angry with the 12 year boy after he stole a packet of biscuits from a nearby shop which led to hostel authorities prohibiting all students from going out of the school premises without permission. The two students of the 12th standard wanted to go out to the church, but as their plans failed due to suddenly imposed prohibitions, they held the 7th standard boy responsible and decided to punish him.

“The two accused students were booked for murder while the school staffers were booked for causing the disappearance of evidence,” station house officer of Ranipokhri PD Bhatt said. The other three accused have been identified as school manager Praveen Messi, PTI teacher Ashok Solomon, hostel warden Ajay Kumar, police said.

“The two accused senior students had beaten him with bats and wickets on March 10 after the school management prohibited all students from going out of the school premises without permission,” Bhatt said.

“They gave the order after a nearby shopkeeper complained against the deceased boy of stealing a packet of biscuits from his shop, while he along with other students were going to visit a nearby church on the same day,” he said. Bhatt said that the two senior students were angry with the boy after the order. After beating him for several hours, Bhatt said, the two senior students took him to the school building’s terrace, where they bathed him with cold water and then fed him.

“The two then left him in the study room where he was spotted by the school warden in the evening. While sitting there with other students, he started vomiting after which the warden along with other staffers took him to a nearby hospital where he died during treatment,” Bhatt said.

The doctors initially believed that the cause of death was food-poisoning, however most-portem of the body revealed internal injuries and assault marks. The victim was trashed using cricket bats. Meanwhile, Chairperson of the State Commission of Protection of Child Rights Usha Negi accused the school administration of trying to suppress the crime.

“As the father of the boy are not much educated, the school management got him to sign some papers after which they buried him in the school premises in haste. It was done clearly to hide the evidence for which the school management is solely responsible. Strict action should be taken against other staffers too apart from the three accused,” she said.