137 Killings of RSS and Hindu Leaders in Tamil Nadu Never Reported by Media-Full Video

We have seen 2-3 small news links of killing of Hindu and RSS leaders in Tamil Nadu. There were no high profile debates, no continuous coverage like #Dadri, No #Akademi awardees returning their awards, No Protests and lastly, no extensive coverage in social media as well.

Here is the video from facebook page Say No to Sold Media, where a complete report on all 137 killings in tamil nadu is detailed out. he clearly mentions, Fatwa is being announced on Hindu Leaders by Peaceful Outfits and then one by one, they were eliminated. Pics and local news clips of coimbatore bombing is shown, now how many of us do remember that bombing took place in Coimbatore also???


And Sadly, Tamil Nadu Media(controlled and governed by Political parties) and secular indian media did not even time to cover this report, who have loads of time to cover #dadri Killing and 2002 riots till 2015.

We do condemn any brutality be it any religion. But selective outrage is what we reject and disagree. Does a right winger does not have right to live? and is Media and Law restricted only to left and minorities? Sadly, 4th Pillar of Democracy in India is a rotten Pillar of hypocrisy now.