2000 Crores Worth Benami Property found in Salem Cooperation Bank, IT Suspects AIADMK Member

A team of 20 Income Tax (IT) officials from Chennai, Trichy and Salem conducted a surprise raid at the Salem District Central Cooperative Bank in Salem city and the office of its chairman R. Ilangovan, in Salem. Sources confirm that Ilangovan is attached to AIADMK and is also the Jaya Peravai president of Salem City.

It is learnt that the raid in Salem was conducted in connection with the highways department contracts that were awarded to Shekar Reddy by Tamil Nadu Government.

The IT raids which had been conducted on December 22nd & 23rd 2016 in Salem Cooperative bank, established a link in the serial numbers of cash. The serial numbers of cash found at the residence of Sekhar Reddy during IT Raids is similar to the serial numbers of cash lent by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to Salem Cooperative bank.

Further investigation of three specific lockers in Salem Cooperative bank has revealed documents of properties worth Rs 2000 Crores. These lockers are maintained by three individuals; the owner of a SEGO Factory in Salem, Shareholder of SEGO and an influential AIADMK member from Seelanayakampatti.

The documents have been registered in the name of 225 individuals and IT department have sent notices to all these individual members to check their sources of income. IT Department has assured suitable action on all these individuals, If a reply is not obtained from any of them.

IT officials are suspecting the involvement top leadership in AIADMK in these Benami Property and are hopeful of cracking the case soon.