2,224 cars registered under the name of a Pakistani judge

A collection which might put even the most passionate of collectors, Sikandar Hayat, a former Pakistani judge owns as many as 2,224, atleast for the time being.

The entire matter came into notice a few days back, when Sikandar Hayat received a challan for a car which he does not own.

He enquired about it to the people Punjab Excise and Taxation Department, and the response that he received was nothing short of shocking. The department informed the former judge that a total of 2,224 vehicles are registered under his name.

Interestingly, his counsel, Mian Zafar, has informed the Pakistan Supreme Court that Hayat owns only one car. But then what about the rest 2,223 cars? Only the time

The Pakistan Supreme Court has now directed the department’s secretary and director to file a report in the matter within a week’s time.