23 needed in 1 over. And he does it. Just like that!; Twitter bows down to Mahi magic

Dhoni image 1

Yesterday, in a match between Pune and Punjab, Mahendra Singh Dhoni did what many thought was something only his past self could do. In the last over, 23 runs from needed and everyone thought that the match is over. They thought that even Dhoni cannot score this many runs in one over. Luckily, they were wrong. Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit Axar Patel all over the ground to score the necessary runs and take Pune to victory.

As expected, Twitter was full of enthusiasm on seeing this and praises were thrown all around for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his great knock. Unfortunately, this did not change the fortunes of Pune as this was only a consolation win.

Here are the tweets:


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