24 rapes and 13 murders per day in Uttar Pradesh. This is just an insight of law and order in UP..!! God save the land of Ram..

The SP has formed an alliance with the Congress to fight the UP polls and Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi are campaigning together in the state of UP.

The BJP said that the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh had worsened over the years under the SP rule and now even the police was not safe from the goons.

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said the law and order situation in the state was bad but the two “shahzade” were unperturbed.

“Even the official figures of crime in Uttar Pradesh are worrisome. There are on average 24 rapes and 13 murders per day in UP. But the two shahzade are totally unperturbed,” Patra said.

In the Land of Ram, 24 rapes and 13 murders per day is shocking and these are only official figures. This is the sad state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the same party which said “ladke, ladke hain… galti ho jati hai” while referring to the rapes occurring in UP.
Rather than tackling the problem if the politicians of ruling party make this kind of remarks, we can surely understand the state of UP. This attitude of politicians needs to be changed.People of Uttar Pradesh desperately need change.