This 25-Year-Old Engineer is Creating Solar Entrepreneurs in Remote Towns in India. #InspiringIndia

While some young Indians are mourning the return of Pakistani actors, there are some who are working towards the development of India by developing Indians. Let’s meet one such inspiring Young Indian, Lakshey Sehgal, founder of Spektron Solar. Delhi boy, Lakshey, passed out of college merely two years ago, but he has a clear vision of contributing to  nation-building by creating ‘Solar Entrepreneurs’ in remotest of towns and villages in India. His educational background in Green Energy Engineering is partly responsible for his goal.

Lakshey tells us, “The demand for solar in India is increasing rapidly and their are many verticals within the solar industry starting from solar lantern to MW scale solar plants. I see the biggest distributed potential in the rooftop solar segment. In fact, industry experts such as founder and MD of Su-Kam, India’s leading rooftop solar player Kunwer Sachdeva, has predicted that there is going to be a solar revolution in India. The solar sector is also creating many jobs, but there is still a lack of trained manpower to fulfill these roles. After spending three years working in solar startups, I realized that there is a huge scope in training micro entrepreneurs to install and sell solar. That’s how I started conducting training workshops for small traders based in remote towns in India so that they can get all the technical support to start their solar business. Currently, these small town traders are selling solar products like a sabziwala,we need to change them from solarwala to an expert solar integrator. They don’t have money to invest  in big engineering teams, here our training and support helps”

solar-training-programmes-in-indiaBut why small towns?

I am focusing on small towns for two reasons: 1) There is more need and demand of solar in small towns where powercuts are long and frequent. Solar provides people with an alternative and reliable source of electricity. 2) There is a huge untapped pool of talent in these areas. Unfortunately, no big company wants to set up in small towns to recruit talent – everyone wants to be in Delhi, Hyderabad or Bangalore and other metros. I want to bridge this gap. I want to see all fellow Indians grow and develop irrespective of their geographical location.


What’s his business model?
Our training course is very reasonably priced. Mostly,the participants pay the course fee themselves.We organize these training in partnership with foundations interested in supporting solar entrepreneurs.

solar-training-programmeHow is this making a difference to people’s lives?

We have trained approximately 200 people in more than 10 towns across India. Most of them have either already started their solar business or are setting up. I would like to share one real-life story of one of our participants that now serves as a motivation to many.Mr. Aggarwal was selling insurance in jind, a small town in Haryana, he was looking for new avenues and approached us for getting trained on solar. In 9 months, he was able to install close to 100 KWp of solar providing solar to  more than 30 buildings in that local area. He doesn’t sell insurance now. He is an entrepreneur –  a solar entrepreneur.

solar-entrepreneurs-in-indiaWhat’s next?

Currently, we can only provide our participants with offline training. But I want to develop online tools to support more entrepreneurs with greater efficiency participants. We would need funding for this because our current course fee is not sufficient for creating these tools. We are looking investors to help our green ‘Made in India, Made for Indians’ business.

All the best, Lakshey! If you would like to invest in Lakshey’s business, then please reach him on [email protected]