30 Million To None- Learn About Modern Slavery, India Ranks 1st with 18.3mn Slaves

What is 30 Million to None?

30 Million to None, a platform for people to learn about slavery within the modern world. This organization do not deal with money, they deal with ‘noise’.

Posting articles, stories and educational content to 30milliontonone.com and also on social media pages, this platform is spreading awareness about modern slavery in a great level to people who would otherwise not know about the reality of the issue.

Bradyen Sharp, founder of 30MTN says in an interview, “The greatest reward we could ask for is for 30 Million to None to no longer exist because if we don’t exist then that means that there is no problem anymore”.

The website has already posted more than ten articles and gained 300+ likes on Facebook since it started recently.

Among ten articles, Martyna Żuchowska, writer of 30MTN, states in one that, in Global Slavery Index, India ranks 1st in modern slavery with 18.3 million population living under slavery life. Types of slavery prominent in India are; bonded labour, forced child labour, sexual exploitation, forced marriage etc. Millions of Indians are forced to live on less than $2 a day due to India’s extreme poverty in certain areas. Even laws being placed to eradicate the issue, however, it doesn’t reflect enough.

With 3.39 million slaves, China ranks 2nd whilst Pakistan holds the 3rd position with 2.13 million slaves. Interestingly, Russia also seizes a 7th position in ‘top 10 countries with the greatest number of slaves’ with 1.01 million slaves.

These numbers are increasing every day and it can be changed. But how?

Quoting Martyna, “Change is possible if we come together and put pressure on politicians and people who have the power to make real change happen. The sheer number of people in slavery in each of these countries is unacceptable and appalling. I want to watch these numbers go down significantly in my lifetime and I believe it can happen as people and organizations draw attention to this issue.”

Make Noise.