38 years of BJP : Past, present and future

Some 38 years ago on this day, the remains of Bharatiya Jana Sangh rose up like a Phoenix from the ashes of Janata Party to take rebirth as a political force that would later go on to rule over almost entire India.

In 1977 the Bharatiya Jana Sangh that was founded by Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, merged with some other anti-emergency parties to form Janata Party, with the intentions of putting up a strong fight against the mighty Congress of those days. But due to ideological clashes within the Janata Party the leaders of former BJS soon separated to reform their old party. On 6th April 1980 the old Bharatiya Jana Sangh was re-established as Bharatiya Janata Party.

The BJP is not a political party led by some political leaders but it is a dream lived by thousands of Karyakartas and supporters. It is a dream of an unified, developed and progressive India which will also be well rooted in it’s ages old traditions and culture. An India that like the Himalayas will touch the sky but will also be firmly rooted on it’s base.

Nationalist ideology like Hindutva, an all inclusive philosophy of Integral humanism and unconditional support from world’s largest non governmental organization RSS, kept the party alive even in most difficult of times and will continue to do so.

The BJP is currently going through the best phase of it’s 38 years of political journey. But as it is said “with great powers comes great responsibilities.” In these good times a lot of people with little to no knowledge of BJP’s ideology are joining the party, and many of them are doing so with the only intention of enjoying the fruits of other’s hardwork. And this is where the biggest challenge for BJP leadership lays. They will have to make sure that the newly joined people don’t get to a position from where they may be able to corrupt the noble cause upon which the party was founded.

The other big challenge for the BJP would be to keep the fire of nationalism alive in the hearts of the people. A lot of political forces that don’t harbour the dream of an united India in their hearts are trying every trick in the book to divide the masses who inhabit this land laying across Himalayas to sea, on caste, creed and linguistic lines.

The future of BJP is not in the hands of Narendra Modi or Amit Shah but it is in the hands of millions of Karyakartas who have selflessly devoted their lives for the cause of making our beloved Bharat the Jagadguru (world leader) again.