42000 Class 10 Answer Sheet Sold As Scrap In Bihar

Nearly 42,500 answer sheet of Class 10 students that were missing from an evaluation centre of the Bihar School Examination Board just have been found. A scrap dealer arrested by the police has allegedly told in his statement that he had bought the answer sheets as scrap for Rs 8,500.

All the missing answer sheets belong to students from Nawada district.

  • Peon sold the missing board exam sheet as scrap.
  • A scrap dealer arrested by the police alleged giving Rs 8500 for sheets.
  • Sheets were missing from SS Girls High School in Gopalganj.
  • The BSEB had postponed publication of the results for a week.

According to education department officials, the evaluated answer sheets kept in 214 gunny bags had disappeared from a room of SS Girls Secondary High School.

On June 20, Patna High Court had served a notice to the state government on the missing answer sheets. The arrested scrap dealer was identified as Pappu Gupta. The police said Gupta has told them that he bought all the “missing” answer sheet from an office attendant of the school, who has already been arrested.

He and an associate had paid the money to a peon of the Gopalganj school where the papers had been kept for safe keeping after evaluation, the police said. The peon had let them into the school one night with a tempo and the answer sheet bundled out.

The matter had come to light when BSEB officials went to the school to cross-check the answer sheets of students who had topped the exam. They had found the answer sheets kept in 200 gunny bags missing.

A probe later revealed a scam that some students had paid money to clear the exam.

The investigating agency probing the case had earlier detained school’s principal Pramod Kumar Srivastava for questioning. He was later arrested after police suspected his role in the case.

The Bihar School Examination Board which was scheduled to declare the Class X results this week had postponed it for June 26 due to the incident. Around 1.76 candidates had appeared for examinations which were held in February.