Awesome !! What OM Prakash Mishra Just did Will Burn The Hell Out Of Fake Feminists


The recent controversy over the song “Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya“, produced in 2015 by self-styled rapper Omprakash Mishra has, among other things, triggered discussions on the contours of the freedom of speech and expression.

NO means NO hota hai,

10 baar bataun kya?

Itne sexist songs likhta hai,

Harassment case karwaun kya?

Bol na Omprakash aau kya,

Vaat main lagau kya?

Hello Mr Omprakash,

How did you get here?

Tumhare ghar mein ma, behen nahin hain kya?

This was the poem which  ‘The Quint’ a media Group had posted in reply of Mishra’s Self Styled song.

On September 13, The Quint put out a video urging its readers to report Mishra’s rap video on YouTube so that the video-sharing website is forced to take it down. Soon after the video was shared on social media, the website received a barrage of criticism from Mishra’s fans.

You know that right they call freedom of speech and expression, guaranteed by the Constitution of India?

The video, which had over 3,000,000 hits, 30,000 likes and 60,000 dislikes before it taken down by YouTube.

Hundreds of strangers gathered in Delhi’s Connaught Place on September 11, 2017 after a Facebook page, ‘Shit Indians Say‘, created an event and invited people to ‘shout Bol Na Aunty Aao Kya’.

People need to take this in good humour, have a broad mind and not take it literally. We listen to songs by Kendrick Lamar and Eminem and worship them; this was supposed to be fun too.


And Now Om Prakash Mishar is back with his latest song’s trailer ‘Aunty Ki Ghanty Part 2’.

Let’s see how Fake Feminists will now react to his latest upcoming song.