My Time as a PoW in Pakistan-a story of courage, pain, pride and hope | Capt. GR CHOUDHARY

A story about a prisoner of war featuring abuse and torture. Capt G.R.Choudhary (the then 2/Lt) of 3/9 Gorkha Rifles was at the forefront of action on the outskirts of Shakargarh in Pakistan (on 14/15 December 1971 ) when he was wounded and taken prisoner. As a PoW he spent close to a year in Pakistani jails enduring pain and torture.

During captivity he encountered various Pakistani soldiers and officers who appeared to be seriously misinformed about Indians and India, and displayed undisguised animosity towards them. On the bright side there were also some heartwarming experiences all of which left a lasting impression and became a huge learningexperience. Capt GR Choudhary is a valiant soldier who joined the Indian Navy at an early age and went on to be commissioned in the Indian Army in 1971.

He was the leading Platoon Commander in the forefront of the night attack on village Chatarana deep inside Pakistan. Wounded in action he was taken prisoner. During the year long period as a Prisoner of War, he battled immense pain and torture. After release, he rejoined his regiment whereupon he was posted in Mizoram when insurgency was at its peak in that state.

source : ted x tv