5 reasons behind the success of Arnab Goswami.

When last year Arnab Goswami left Times now to start his own venture, many said that his career is over, some said that success has gotten into his mind. But Arnab Did something which no one expected in their wildest dreams. Arnab Launched his own news channel Republic TV earlier this year, and in within weeks, Republic TV became the number one channel in the genre. And Arnab’s own show The debate with Arnab Goswami became the most watched news program in the prime time, across the English news genre. Here we will look into the reasons why Arnab Goswami and his channel Republic TV are the leaders of the English News genre, despite continuous bashing of him and his brand of Journalism by the liberal media.


1- Even though his Channel, Republic TV falls in the English News genre, but the Channel is actually a Hinglish channel. Arnab uses a mix of both English and Hindi than pure English, even he speaks English in Indian accent, contrary to the British or American accent used by other journalists. This makes Arnab and his show more understandable to the common masses of the country.


2- He presents himself as a hero, and that is believed by his viewers. When Arnab presents a news he does not read it out in a boring way, rather he presents himself as a fighter who is fighting for the people. He engages people with himself, and make them feel as if they are also a part of his team. His viewers don’t see him as a newsreader, but they look at him as a revolutionary and themselves as his followers.


3- He is a declared Right Winger. Arnab has been accused of being a Right Winger and he himself accepts the fact publicly. According to Arnab you are either on the side of Right or on the side of Wrong. There has always been a Right Wing in India, but these people and their demands were mostly ignored and made fun of by the Lutyens zone elite class journalists and intellectuals. Thus Arnab being a Right winger makes him a messiah for the long ignored Right Wing people.


3- He shouts and public absolutely love it. No matter how much his habit of Shouting is criticized and made fun of by the liberal journalists. The common man of the country wanted from a long time to shout out at the corrupt politicians, pseudo Seculars, politically motivated intellectuals, and anti nationals. And Arnab is doing the exact thing on their behalf.


5- Arnab is Nationalist, he loves india. When it comes to Nation, Arnab goes all guns blazing be it against the Anti Nationals within India or Pakistani representatives.

His motto is Nation first No compromise.