50 Lies of Arvind Kejriwal; No Sane man will call Kejriwal HONEST after reading this

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Arvind Kejriwal, the man his supporters (paid & otherwise), still claim to be the most honest politician, has been lying even before he started his political career. He has built his career on lies and is growing them with one lie after another.

However, what he forgets is that the Internet never forgets, especially when you have so much exposure on camera.

Today, we are bringing to you the top 50 lies by Arvind Kejriwal.

1) Kejriwal claims the media is under control of modi and it is against him. But everyone saw him fixing interview with AAJ Tak journalist  Punya Prasun Bajpai.

2) Initially denied taking 4Lakh USD from Ford foundation, later  accepted and then denied again. Ford foundation is involved in funding  many NGO’s for Anti Indian work.
– Firstpost asked about $ 4Lakh donation from Ford Foundation then Arvind asked for proof:
– Later Kejriwal accepted, taking 4Lakh USD from the Ford Foundation in a Business Standard interview:
– Later again took U Turn and said he has not taken any foreign funding of 4Lakh USD:

3) Arvind Kejriwal took oath upon his children that he will never give  or take the support of congress, but later conveniently forgot any such  oath.

4) Arvind Kejriwal clearly said that if he doesn’t get a full majority,  then he will sit in the opposition, but will not make govt with the  support of BJP & Congress. He said you cannot remove corruption by  taking support of congress.


5) Arvind Kejriwal said he has 370 page proof against Sheila Dixit and  once his govt comes to power, he will send her to jail within 2 days.  However, when he came into power he suddenly lost all proof and started  asking for proof from BJP.

6) Nirbhaya issue – On one hand Kejriwal did protests in Delhi on  camera asking for justice for Nirbhaya and strict punishment for  rapists. But on the other, he gave Loksabha ticket from south Bangalore  to Nina P. Nayak. Nina supported and fought for less punishment for the  Nirbahya Killer and most brutal rapist Muhammad Afroz. It was Muhammad  Afroz who double raped Nirbhaya, inserted Iron rot (wheel jack) in her  body, took out her intestines. Because of brutal assault by Afroz,  Nirbhaya died. Arvind Kejriwal gave justice to Nirbhaya by giving  Loksabha ticket to savior of her rapist and murderer.
Delhi Gang-Rape : ‘Most Brutal’ Juvenile Convict Gets 3 Years

7) Arvind Kejriwal said the Batla House and Ishrat Jahan encounters are  fake. Batla house encounter has already been proved in court as a  genuine encounter of Terrorist and LeT. Also, David Headly has already  confessed number of times that Ishrat was a LeT operative.

8) In the AAP party constitution, it is written that not more than one  family member can be a member of the AAP core committee. Kavita Ramdas  is Asia head of ford foundation. Kavita Ramdas’ father, L Ramdas, mother  Lalitha Ramdas and sister Sagrika Ramdas were all the members of the AAP  core committee at the same time.

9) Arvind Kejriwal said in a letter that he was an Income tax  commissioner. However, Income tax Department has clarified that he was  never at any such rank.
IRS body hits out at Arvind Kejriwal – The Times of India

10) Arvind Kejriwal said they publish names of all donors on their website but we caught Shajia Ilmi in a tape giving assurance to a public company that they can pay in cash and their name won’t come in public!

11) When Arvind Kejriwal Jhadu Yatra comes to Okhala near Batla Hause, then Arvind Kejriwal said that the two terrorists who got killed were innocent. Second day when his Jhadu Yatra reached Dwarka, where he met Late Mohan Chand Sharma’s family, then he tells his wife Maya Sharma that he is very sorry about her husband’s death who got killed while  fighting terrorists.

12) Arvind Kejriwal says he supports the cause of poor farmers and  understand their plight. Yogesh Dahia who did a 300 Crore scam of  farmers money is now a member of the AAP agriculture reform committee  and he got ticket from Sahranpur.
In fact 44 AAP candidates, including Mr. Kejriwal, have criminal cases against them.
Page on dailypioneer.com

13) Arvind Kejriwal says Robert Vadra should go to jail and he says he  supports Ashok Kemka. Ashok Khemka exposed Robert Vadra illegal land  deals. After Vadra expose the congress party transferred Ashok Khemka and put Yudhvir Khyalia in his place. Yudhvir made all illegal deals of Robert Vadra as legal and restored all licenses of Vadra and created a charge sheet against Ashok Kemka. AAP gave ticket to Yudhvir and now he is a member of the AAP land acquisition committee!
AAP workers protest against Arvind Kejriwal over ticket to Yudhvir Singh Khayalia

14) Santosh Kohli Murder: Arvind Kejriwal did many protests against  Murder of RTI activist Santosh Kohli. He claimed during the entire Delhi  assembly campaign that mafias of Congress and BJP murdered her and she  should get Justice. But when Kejriwal became CM he never demanded or recommended a high level judicial/CBI inquiry in this murder case. Arvind Kejriwal kept the Post Mortem report himself and never made it  public and never gave to her family.

15) He sent letters to Anna saying that all money received during Anna  movement spent during the movement and no money left. Later he accepted  that 2 Crore rupees still left of the movement. He never disclosed the  actual sum he got away with, which is estimated to be well above  100Crores.

16) Ford Foundation is known for funding many, if  not all, anti national activities in India. Ford foundation is known as a  CIA front agency. Arvind Kejriwal’s own NGO Kabir got registered on12  Nov 2007 but 2 years before in 2005 Kabir got 44 Lakhs from the ford  foundation, in 2006 got 32 Lakhs. Kabir foundation started getting money  2 Yrs before its foundation.

17) Arvind Kejriwal said he will never give the ticket to corrupt and  criminals, but we have seen so many instances where his candidates are  criminals and corrupt both. In total 44 AAP candidates so far have  criminal cases against them.


18) Arvind Kejriwal said he is against High command culture. However,  many UP candidates, even including few AAP founders on camera said there is high command culture in AAP and only top 4-5 leaders decide  everything.

19) During the AAP meeting he said on camera that he will send all media  people to Jail. He was not aware that there was a recording going on camera. Then when Media asked him about it he lied and he said he never said such things. He told the media how he can say such things to Media?

20) Kejriwal said his leaders will not take government residence. But  after becoming CM of Delhi he himself sent a letter and requested for  allotment of two Bungalows each of 5 rooms.

21) Arvind Kejriwal said on camera that Vinod Kumar Binny never asked for any ticket and later when Binny opposed kejriwal then on camera Kejriwal said that Binny did ask for a ticket.

22) Arvind Kejriwal hid the letter from Tata power that Tata power also wanted to raise power prices

23) Arvind Kejriwal said there will be transparency in ticket distribution. However, many cases came to light where the ticket was not given to most deserving candidates.
AAP members claimed tickets were bought with money. (Check previous video)

24) We all know Bhaiyu Ji Maharaj who was a negotiator between Team Anna and Indian congress during Anna movement. We all saw him on TV. You can  search on YouTube for videos. When Bhaiyu ji Maharaj opposed Kejriwal then Kejriwal on camera said he does not know any Bhaiyu ji Maharaj.

25) Kejriwal said he is against VIP culture but on camera we can see he is having a big security and he also got Z security.

26) Arvind Kejriwal said he could not find an atom of development in Gujarat. Please go and visit Gujarat you will know Arvind Kejriwal lied here also. Just for example Gujarat has been the only state in India where there is 24×7 electricity in every village for a long time.

27) Before talking about Corruption by Robert Vadra, Arvind Kejriwal said he could not find anything wrong about Sonia and Priyanka. But  there are already proofs submitted by Dr Swamy about Corruption of  Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka.

28) Anna’s ex-blogger Raju Parulekar accused Arvind Kejriwal for a scam  of more than 200 crore rupees which came in during Anna Movement. Even on camera, Anna said more than 3 crore people donated during the  movement. When the media asked him about these accusations, then Kejriwal could have simply denied them but instead he lied and said he does not know any Raju Parulekar. There are many pictures of Kejriwal with Parulekar on the Internet.


29) His detention in Gujarat was well planned by him in advance just to  gain cheap publicity as revealed later by his mass SMS’s sent well in  advance asking AAP members for assembly. He said on camera, he is being  targeted by BJP.

30) Kejriwal’s official website blamed Amit Shah, Modi, RSS for  Muajaffarnagar riots. In a sting operation, when it became clear that Azam Khan was responsible for the riots then they simply deleted the press release without posting any apology. SIT report has come and they indicated BSP, Congress, SP leaders, but not even a single BJP leader is accused but Kejriwal made false allegations only on BJP/RSS.

31) Arvind Kejriwal said Gadkari grabbed 100 acre land of farmers illegally. When media asked farmers then it was revealed that Kejriwal is lying.

32) Arvind Kejriwal named Gadkari in irrigation scam even though he was  not involved.Arvind Kejriwal had all proofs about Sharad Pawar’s  involvement in 50,000 irrigation scam, but he did not even name Sharad  Pawar in any press conference.


33) When people ask Kejriwal why you are making accusations against Gadkari, etc why you are not going to court, then he says he does not trust court, they are corrupt. But in a letter to Muslims, he says  that Prashant Bhusan is fighting cases to save the terrorist in Batla Hause encounter/Ishrat Jahan encounter. Kejriwal has faith in courts for saving terrorist, but not have trust in proving corruption of Gadkari.

34) Arvind Kejriwal says in Delhi that during his 49 days govt there was a reduction in corruption by x% reported by Transparency international. Later, Transparency international sent letters and clarified that they never said such thing in any of their reports.
After Transparency International rebuff, embarrassed AAP regrets ‘corruption error’ – The Times of India

35) During speeches, Kejriwal says on camera he visited many states in  India and he does not see any Modi wave. But in an off camera informal  chat with journalists he cadidly confesses to a journalist that there is  a wave for modi in the country. He was not aware that there was  recording going on.

36) When Somnath Bharti Internet scam got exposed then he said Somnath Bharti is innocent, but later it was found that Somnath Bharti was guilty in an array of Internet Scams.

37) Anjali Damania is a Pathologist by profession, and is known as “Land Shark” in Maharastra. She herself on Times Now accepted that she is a pathologist by profession, but she purchased farmer’s land by declaring herself as a farmer and sold that to Private real state dealers.

When People asked Kejriwal how your party is having Anjali Damani who is known as Land Shark, then Kejriwal lied and said she is just an ordinary volunteer.

Arvind Kejriwal gave her Lok Sabha ticket from Nagpur, Maharastra. Which other ORDINARY Volunteer got LokSabha ticket?

38) Kejriwal on camera said no sitting MLA from his party will fight the 2014 general election, but he himself (a Delhi MLA) fought against Narenda Modi from Varanasi.
Page on indiatimes.com

39) Arvind Kejriwal had written a letter to Delhi Auto walas and promised many measures, but after coming to power he fulfilled none of  them.

40) During Anna Movement when Anna was arrested Arvind Kejriwal told  Media that Anna is kept with ordinary criminals which was a total lie and he accepted it during India today enclave.

41) During the AAP’s attack on the BJP headquarters in March Arvind Kejriwal said his supporters did not attack the BJP headquarters, but on camera everyone saw that AAP supporters started the riot and were pelting stones on BJP office. SENIOR AAP leader Ashutosh was caught on camera trying to jump over the wall in the BJP office.

(Eyewitness describes AAP attack on BJP headquarter)

(Proof AAP workers pelting stones and Ashutosh trying to jump over wall of BJP office)

42) Arvind Kejriwal claimed on camera that during his hunger strike in Delhi as CM, Delhi police did not allow even tea to his supporters. But his supporters caught drinking not only tea, but even alcohol on sting camera during his hunger strike.

Arvind Kejriwal on camera said  during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera  all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not  close public toilet.


43) Says he is a common man and is available for everyone but you have to pay Rs. 10,000+ to meet Arvind Kejriwal.

44) When Arvind Kejriwal was stopped by Gujarat police for violating model code of conduct, he simply denied breaking the law. Investigations confirmd the same and FIR was registered against him.

45) Lies on Jan Lok Pal Bill: The Delhi Chief Minister had promised to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill within 15 days of Government formation but  nothing was done. In fact, it backtracked saying that the Central Government has issued a directive which is why they are unable to pass  the Bill in Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Well, the truth is that the Central  Government had issued the directive on Jan Lokpal Bill a long time back. Arvind Kejriwal was aware of this even before the elections in Delhi  happened.
8 lies that nailed Arvind Kejriwal

46) Lie on providing 700 liters of water: Before the Delhi Assembly election, Kejriwal had promised to provide 700 liters of clean and potable water to Delhiites. Truth: Unfortunately, the 700 liters of water for Delhiites as promised by Arvind Kejriwal comes with a string of terms that those who use more than 700 will pay the whole amount.

47) Arvind told Rahul Kanwal on camera that he got interviewed in “Seedhi Baat” 1 yr back and said media is not giving any coverage. But when Rahul reminds that they did Seedhi bast just a few weeks back then he accepts it. He forgets to list facts when playing the victim card !


48) Arvind Kejriwal said if Anna will separate himself from AAP party, then he will also separate himself from the party.
We all know what he did.

49) Arvind Kejriwal published a book named “Swaraj” claiming he is the original Author of the book (you can check amazon). But later it was found that this book was originally written by Ajay Pal Nagar and he sent this copy to Kejriwal. Kejriwal rewrote this book with his name and published it without giving any credit to original Author.

50) Kejriwal lied in front of the whole nation that the degrees of prime minister Modi are fake, and that he has proof of the same. However, as has been conclusively proven, Modi’s degrees are real.

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