7 Homeless People Dead in Last 2 Days; What’s Kejriwal Doing?

Delhi cold deaths image 1

The winter has not been as ruthless this year as it has been in the past. However, Delhi government’s inaction has led to death of 7 deaths in the past 2 days(19th and 20th January 2016) alone even when winter is not that harsh.

Out of these 7 deaths, only 1 person, a 70 year old man, was found dead inside the night shelter. Everyone else died outside such shelters and were found lying on streets and roads dead. The old man who died inside the shelter did not have any medicine with him to help him survive his illness which the cold aggravated.

When such critical problems are plaguing Delhi, Kejriwal is busy fighting with the center on the suicide of an OBC/Dalit/Christian (we cannot confirm which he was as of now) student in Hyderabad. Kejriwal needs to stop poking into such issues which can cause a split in the nation for votebank politics and focus on saving lives in Delhi.

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