98 converts to Christianity in Tripura, reverts back to Hinduism

In an event organised by the Hindu Jagran Manch and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, 98 Christians from 23 families converted to Hinduism. Speaking to the Indian Express, Hindu Jagaran Mancha leader Makhan Lal Nath said that the converted persons were Hindus to start with and were simply ‘reconverted’ to their original faith.

“They were Hindus at the beginning. Nine years back, these 98 persons of 23 families from Rachipara area were converted to Christianity. They wished to be reconverted to Hinduism and a yajna (holy pyre) was organized to convert them back and respect their wishes,” Nath said.

Birsa Munda, one of the persons who converted to Hinduism, said that he was lured to get converted into Christianity. “We are very poor people in villages. Christians converted us and behaved with us at their will. We were bewildered as they frequently misbehaved with us. This yajna was organized here today and we were reconverted to Hinduism with our own volition”, he told reporters.

A Hindu Jagaran Mancha leader, who didn’t wish to be named, said that the tea estate workers were converted to Christianity by taking advantage of their poverty, illiteracy, and helplessness. He also said that similar “awareness programmes” of reconverting misguided people would be beneficial across Tripura.