A 14 Year Boy Writes an Open Letter SLAPPING Anurag Thakur and BCCI on INDO-PAK Series

A 14 Year Boy Writes an Open Letter SLAPPING Anurag Thakur and BCCI on INDO-PAK Series

“Dear Anurag Thakur and BCCI , I’ve recently heard about the speculation of a India-Pakistan cricket series in mid-December which could be held in Sri Lanka. I’ve also heard that you’ve sent a request to the Government of India for their approval of the series , I once used to be proud of our board as it was rich and famous , we were the only board who could suspend a series lesser than 1 week before the series starts, but I realized it’s true what people say , you guys do not change at all , you greedy men only think about the money coming in , but not the amount of money received by the PCB.

According to rumors , they are expected to earn about 100,000,000$ only from this series. While you guys are busy minting the money you receive (which is the only thing you greedy men care about anyway) , you don’t realize what can happen with the money received by them. Our brave jawans are guarding the borders day in and out for ungrateful people like you , and what are you doing , allowing Pakistan to receive 100,000,000$ which will be spent on the activity Pakistan is famous for , breeding terrorists and sending them to India to carry out attacks which will lead to the demise of not only the civilians , but our brave jawans as well , while you all will be sitting in your air-conditioned homes offering condolences to every victim’s families while planning another cricket series with Pakistan in the near future.

Do you remember 26/11? Yes , the day of the Mumbai attacks , what have we done for the victim’s apart from providing a small amount of compensation? Have we provided any justice to them? Ajmal Kasab was kept in jail for 5 years at the expense of the taxpayers’ money. Now , lets look at a different scenario , for example , 13/11 or 9/11 , thousands of raids were carried out and hundreds of people linked to the attacks were killed or captured and tortured , while we kept the man who was responsible for the attacks in jail for 5 years. Most of us won’t even know Tukaram Omble , the man who was shot 16 times by Kasab but still clang onto him helping us capture Kasab alive , with his name being forgotten in 1-2 weeks after the attacks , had it been in another country , his name would’ve been remembered by one and all with pride and they would boast saying that Tukaram Omble was from their country , state or district. DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?!

My sincere request to you would be to stop having any relation with Pakistan and moving forward , instead of negotiating with them for a series and shamelessly asking the Government of India for their permission , treat them like paupers and let them do or say whatever they want , for we are one of the greatest countries in the world and hope it stays that way!!

  • Arjun Raina

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