A bombastic marriage: Yakub Menon’s daughter marries blast accused Aziz Bilakhia’s son

It seems like terrorists, bomb blast accused and underworld people have forged a modern day caste of their own in India. Recently Mumbai witnessed an interesting wedding between the daughter of a bomb blast accused with the son of bomb blast accused, and what more, even a number guests in the ceremony were themselves bomb blast accused.

We are describing the recently held marriage of 1993 bomb blast death awardee, Yakub Memon’s daughter Zubeida, with the son Aziz Bilakhia. According to CBI records, Bilakhia works directly for Anis and Dawood Ibrahim and handles their extortion, enforcement, and debt collection activities. It was Bilakhia who helped the D Company in transporting AK-56 rifles from Gujarat which later were delivered to film actor and co-accused Sanjay Dutt by Abu Salem and Samir Hingora and Baba Musa Chauhan.

While the bride’s father, Menon was executed for his role in the 1993 bombings in 2015 and according to media reports, his daughter was the last person to talk to him before his hanging. The cops had described Memon as the mastermind of 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts which claimed 257 lives and left 713 injured.

The groom Afzal’s father, Bilakhia has somehow managed to evade the cops all these years.
Media inputs reported that many Bombay bomb blast accused attended the wedding and members from Dawood Ibrahim’s family were also present at the event.

Bilakhia has been working for the D Company from the past 27-28 years and is wanted by Indian authorities for his role in 93 bombings.