A lot of Hindus have died, let a few more die: West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh says he has no sympathies for those Hindus who didn’t vote for BJP, asks party members to be merciless

BJP has made great inroads into West Bengal’s politics, riding on strong Hindutva line by accusing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and ruling party TMC of Muslim appeasement. In this year’s Lok Sabha elections BJP won a record 18 seats in West Bengal. However now a controversial video of West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh has surfaced, in which he is heard telling party members to “let Hindus die.”

The video which has become a viral, especially in West Bengal, shows a person asking for help for Hindus in Nadia district’s Krishna-nagar, from State BJP President Dilip Ghosh.

Dilip Ghosh asks the person pleading for help, “Why BJP lost there.” The person replies, “We did not have proper organisation there, but we tried.” Dilip Ghosh then gets back to him saying, “whose duty is it to form organisation? Is it my duty or is it the duty of Hindus.”

Ghosh then goes on to say, ” I’ve got no sympathies for people of Krishna-nagar, they defeated Julu babu, they also defeated Kalyan while made the other side victorious by 2.5 lakh votes, why would I do anything for them? Be a little merciless, a lot of Hindus have died, let a few more die.”

The video has attracted flak from right wing activists, who have lashed out at the state BJP President for not having sympathies for the Hindus.