A new angle to the Kolkata metro couple trashing case

Debate about moral policing has sparked once again across Kolkata and India. After some senior citizen commuters physically assaulted a couple who were allegedly doing objectionable actions inside a Kolkata metro on Monday.

According to reports, many senior citizen commuters felt disturbed by actions of the couple, and asked them to stop. But when the couple didn’t listen to the warnings then they were dragged out of the metro rail at Dumdum station. And were beaten up by other passengers.

Since the news about the incident spread across the city a huge controversy has erupted. Groups of self-proclaimed representatives of the city’s youth held protests inside several metro stations and trains across the city by hugging each other. Those against the actions of the senior citizen commuters have claimed that the couple was made victim of moral policing just because of hugging each other inside a metro. However now a new version of the story is also coming out.

Famous radio jockey Chaitali Bakshi aka MJ Chaitali, in a video on Facebook exposed another aspect of what transpired that night. She in her video claimed that a fellow female passenger who was also traveling on the same metro coach in which the entire incident happened, has shared first hand experience with her.

MJ Chaitali in the video narrated that night’s story from the view of the eye witness. According to the eye witness, the couple were already present in the train when she boarded on from Jatindas Park station. MJ Chaitali in her video video alleged that eye witness saw the couple indulged in various obscene actions which were more than just ‘hugs’ inside the compartment.

The couple was allegedly kissing and were also exposing several body parts which shouldn’t be exposed in public. Looking at all this some senior citizen commuters started whispering among themselves about the ‘current generation’, hearing which the male partner of the couple started hurling abuses. According to the claimed eye witness, many people in the bogey tried to calm the man down. But when he kept hurling abuses then some other commuters also lost their cool and dragged the couple out of the train to trash them.

However after being abused heavily by trolls, Chaitali was forced to take her video down. None for sure knows what transpired that night inside the metro. Many different versions of the incident are floating around.

Meanwhile some miscreants on social media through various troll pages are spreading fake news by sharing images of random senior citizens and claiming them to be part of the mob which assaulted the couple. Hindu Samhati leader Debtanu Bhattacharya is one of the people whose image is being shared on social media as an assaulter.

Screenshot of a Facebook troll page which is alleging random people to be assaulters.

Hindu Samhati leader Debtanu Bhattacharya has clarified that he was not present at the Dumdum Metro station that night. While another senior citizen Sasanka Shekhar Adhikari whose image is also being wrongly circulated as an assaulter has decided to take legal actions against the troll pages and their admins.