Aadhar Card Linking-Good or Bad

Most of you might have received calls, emails and series of SMS from Banks to link Credit Card and Accounts to your other card. Even telecom companies have followed it and want you to link your mobile/landline numbers in your Aadhar Number.

Gas connections are already linked to Aadhar and direct transfer of Subsidy has started. Many people, who did not endorse this movie went to court, who had already declared this about privacy.

SC declares right to privacy as Fundamental right

Citing this declaration by Honorable SC, Many have filed lawsuits in Courts against this mandatory linking of Aadhar.  SC quoted that it has never advised any institution to make Aadhar Linking mandatory. Many feel that personal information, which is available in aadhar card could be compromised, if systems are hacked and hence, are contesting legal battle to make this linking optional.

Now, many share Aadhar cards as ID proof needed for many things in India for obtaining a SIM card to Qualifying for Driving license and taking an admission in a college to Giving an entrance test. How could these people trust these organizations taking Aadhar has ID proof keep it safe? Personal Information available could be compromised here too and if people are so concerned about personal information being leaked, any kind of ID proof like Passport copy, Pan Card, DL and Government ID cards should not be shared to anyone. These people should instead fight of making ID proof not required for any kind of work, which would respect privacy.

In the United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents under section 205(c)(2) of the Social Security Act, codified as 42 U.S.C. § 405(c)(2). The number is issued to an individual by the Social Security Administration, an independent agency of the United States government. Although its primary purpose is to track individuals for Social Security purposes, the Social Security number has become a de facto national identification number for taxation and other purposes. So, any Indian living in US just links this number everywhere with no problem if privacy. Same happens in Europe and most of the developed countries. These people, who give reasons of privacy have no problem linking SSN in US and such number to everything in foreign countries. They seem to completely trust that their personal information would stay secure.

Now Lets discus some advantages of Aadhar Linking

  1. Improving the analytics and Data Mining Skills of IT and ED resulting in trap of Corrupts : One of the major problem in India is people many times have different names(with minor changes) and sometimes, altogether as well with different ID proof’s. If Aadhar is made compulsory (As it has bio metrics information), IT and ED’s data analytics and mining could become really effective as they can sort and align ones data on Aadhar card and trap corrupts, who gets leaked using multiple duplicate names.
  2. Fraud Management Implementation across India :  Agree that we have CIBIL ratings. But with implementation of 100% aadhar link, Fraud Management could be improved further as duplicates from system would be identified and merged to primary one. many frauds fooling financial institution could be identified.
  3. Security Step : Since, Bio-metrics is stored in Aadhar, a DB could be maintained of Most Wanted and at Important places, if you demand fingerprints at entry, you can easily match this database and get criminals trapped.
  4. Money Anywhere in case of Pick Pocket or Wallet Theft : I found this feature being developed by Banks in Australia. Suppose, your wallet gets stolen at a place away from home, you today get stuck and wait for friend or family to help, but a feature could be developed by banks, which would allow withdraw of money using fingerprint and retina scan. This will also ensure that thief do not get to withdraw money(if finger print or/and retina scan is made mandatory).
  5. Duplicate People Identification : Many Scams are caught, where subsidy was transferred to people, who do not exist. Modi Government has already caught many such incidents and made a massive savings, which were earlier pocketed by politicians as Scams and Black Money.
  6. Identifying the Potential Threats(Terrorists) and Illegal ImmigrantsWe know that there are crores of Illegal Immigrants in India. These comprise of Muslims from Bangladesh and even Mayanmar(Ronghiya). Some of these are seen and proved as potential threat to India. Aadhar can help in identification of these threats if deportation planned is approved by our SC. To add, this move is already compromised by some politicians, who have issued aadhar card to these illegal immigrants as they are their vote bank(We Indians always find an alternative, don’t we?)

Issue raised by ones, who have filed the case to make Aadhar linking optional that personal information could be compromised stays valid but its valid in all other cases mentioned above.

So Indian’s  who wholeheartedly link id’s like SSN to everything in foreign countries and give all kind of Bio metrics to obtain visa’s of many countries without caring about their personal information being compromised and protesting in their own country against this strong anti corruption move.

So is it like some fractions of Indians want India to remain corrupt and at the same time, blame India from Developed country that India is Corrupt??

Last but not the least, I request Government to link Aadhar Card to Voter ID Card.

Anand Padmanabhan is Founder of SatyaVijayi