Anupam Kher at his Best, Tears Apart Award Wapsi, Intolerance Brigade,Congress and Kejriwal-Video

Anupam Kher was recently in AAJ TAK channel for the program Sidhi Baat with News Anchor Rahul Kanwal. He was at his best and ripped apart Award Wapsi Brigade, JNU Commies, Intolerance Brigade, Congress and Kejriwal as well. He also took polite potshot against #Presstitute Rahul kanwal and destroyed his lame arguments through logical conclusions and made him agree and accept.

To a question on his new inclination to politics, he makes clear that he was part of India against Corruption movement and supported Manish Sisodia even when he did not knew him personally on a single SMS  and joined the movement.

Rahul Kanwal tries to use this opportunity and immidiately starts comparing Kejriwal with PM Modi to which, Anupam Kher puts in perfect arguments. He says, Kejriwal is now like a Just another politician and PM Modi is above these lame political stunts. He gives example of Kejriwal failing to Visit Dr Narang, but was there as a political vulture to en cash death’s of Akhlaq(Dadri) and Hyderabad(Rohit Vemula). Rahul Kanwal tries to counter saying, Even Modi did not visit these places. Kher immidiately says, that’s what, he did not visit any of these places trying to vulture out political benefits out of dead which Kejriwal does.

Here is the Full Video which is indeed worth watching.

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