Aaj Tak reports the death of Delhi Defence colony president due to Corona, gets responded by him on twitter

Recently, Hindi news Channel Aaj Tak reported that the President of Delhi’s Defence Colony has died of Coronavirus. But then, the said person himself took to Twitter to refute the false news about his death.

Retired Major Ranjit Singh, who happens to be the President of Delhi’s Defence Colony shared an image of the report by Aaj Tak and said, “Idiotic people I am very much alive. I am Major Ranjit Singh (Veteran), President Defence Colony Welfare Association. Apologize or be prepared to be sued. My family members are distressed.”

In another tweet he said, “Aaj Tak I am the President of Defence Colony Welfare Association and alive as of now. Are you reading my near future. Idiots wake up.”

Meanwhile people also reacted strongly to the blunder by Aaj Tak in the current time of crisis.

Apperantly Aaj Tak confused Major Ranjit Singh with another person who died in the same colony. The deceased was admitted in Delhi’s Max hospital and now his son is battling for life in ICU.