Aamir Khan trolled on Facebook for posting a picture of playing with daughter

In this age of social media, more often than not, celebrities have to face trolling from netizens. The days when the celebrities used to appear like some kind of a demigods are long gone. The fans are more closer to celebrities than ever. While the power of social media helps celebrities to stay connected with their fans, it sometimes backfire as well.

The recent celebrity to fall prey to ‘Internet Trolling’ was Bollywood’s Aamir Khan. In a facebook post on Wednesday, Aamir Khan shared several images from his cousin Mansoor Khan’s birthday celebrations.

However instead of wishing Mansoor on his birthday, a big section people started bashing Aamir and his family for having snacks at daytime during the month of Ramadan. The trolls tried to remind Aamir of his Muslim identity. Many also suggested that even if he is himself not fasting, he shouldn’t have shared images of having snacks during Ramadan.

Celebrating Mansoor's 60th.

Posted by Aamir Khan on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Many people also took great objection to a picture in which Aamir was seen playing with his daughter Ira Khan. The troll attack was so intense that number of comments on the particular picture surpassed that of actual post.

Several people advised Aamir’s daughter to dress decently during Ramadan, while some even went on to make vulgar suggestions about the relation between father and daughter.

Meanwhile some people also came in support of Aamir. It must be noted that the trend of trolling is growing with every passing day. While people do have the right to express their opinions, no has the right to abuse someone just because of their choices in life.