AAP Goons Threatening Me Says Advocate Prashanth Patel

In a series of tweets, Prashant P.Umrao the Advocate who was successful in disqualifying 20 AAP MLA’s has tweeted that an unofficial spokesperson from AAP is instigating ‘Goons’ to harm him, and if anything happens to him, he will be held responsible. He tweeted this to the Delhi Police and the Home Ministry.

Earlier in the day the Election Commission submitted before the Hon’ble HC that the AAP MLA’s petition is liable to be dismissed with cost not maintainable after President decision as per  EC (procedure) for Conduct of Inquiries in Reference Cases,2016, quoting Chapter V, Rule 17-25. The EC also ruled out any oral hearing in this regard.

Alleges Fresh Scam by Kejriwal

Patel also tweeted saying that Arvind Kejriwal has created a post to favour their party cadres. The Delhi cabinet approved creation of posts of Hospital managers in government hospitals to relieve doctors from their administrative duties and concentrate on providing clinical services.

The managers would be hired on contractual basis for one year and would be responsible for crowd management, maintenance of equipment and other miscellaneous work. The Cabinet approved the proposal submitted by the health department for the appointment of 92 managers for government hospitals.

While it is not clear about the recruitment criterion and qualification of such managers, sources privy to this decision allege this could be to appease hardliners in the party by accommodating them in such positions.

The appointment of Hospital Managers comes at a time when the CBI arrested Dr.Rishi Raj (Registrar of Delhi Dental Council) and N Pradeep Sharma (Advocate, Delhi Dental Council) for accepting a bribe of Rs.4 lakh from the complainant to get a favourable order from the Registrar and ensure he sails through comfortably in legal proceedings.