AAP Govt Vehicle ramps into Women’s car ; Responds with “Kar lo jo Karna hai, Gadi zabt ho jayege tumhari, Dhoondte rahoge”.


On Dec 24,2015 an ‪‎Ambassador‬ ‪Car‬ number ‪‎DL6CG8546‬ with the‪ ‎DELHI GOVERNMENT‬ / ‪‎GOVERNMENT OF DELHI‬ label overtook a female driver from the wrong side and rammed into her car.

The driver of the Ambassador did not step out. Rather, The female driver got out of her car and stood in front of his vehicle and demanded him to step out. He spoke very rudely to her and asked her to mind her ways.

When she tried to speak to the person sitting inside he refused to talk. She demanded him to give her his business card but he said “kar lo jo karna hai, gadi zabt ho jayege tumhari, dhoondte rahoge”.

The traffic cop was standing behind me but appeared absolutely helpless.
So this lady driver started to contact Police helpine.Once they realized this, they immediately sped away.

Here is the below screenshot from the lady driver FB account and below are the images of the Ambassador car.












Is this the way AAP ministers/Govt Officials behave with the public ?