AAP’S Dirty Delhi Politics

Ever since AAP came to power in Delhi weather in 2013 or in 2015 following the DNA of their party they have always been trying to create anarchy in the nation’s capital.


In order to save their face from the unfulfilled promises made by them they have always been trying to create a rift with either the Government of India or with their departments.

In continuation to their work to create anarchy recently their tried to gain mileage on the murder of a 19 year Delhi citizen.

However on Monday July 27, 2015 Delhi Police released Police Control Room (PCR) data to proving that allegations of no action was taken by police against the accused who recently stabbed a 19-year-old girl to death in Anand Parbat were false.

The family of the victim, has alleged that they had complained to police several times that she was being harassed by the accused and the police took no action on their complaints.

Disclosing PCR data, the police said residents of Gali No. 5 in Anand Parbat, where the girl lived, on an average made 10 calls to the PCR every year. A total of 69 calls were made to the PCR in the last seven years, including two complaints each by the accused in the recent murder case and the victim’s family against each other.

The police said the victim and her mother had made one call each. “There are allegations that in the last two years, the victim had made several calls to the police, complaining about eve-teasing and harassment. We checked the last seven years’ records and found that most calls from the area were related to water and electricity, spats and minor scuffles,” Sunil Kumar Gautam, Joint Commissioner of Police (Central), said.

“Two calls were made by the victim’s family — on October 9 and 21 — including one by Meenkashi regarding a spat with the accused. The other call was made by her mother against the accused’s mother. Police had taken action on the complaints,” he said.

Gautam said the accused’s mother too made calls to the PCR. “Altogether, she made 18 calls, including two calls — on October 7 and 9 – against the victim,” he said.

He said the stabbing of the 19-year-old was an “unfortunate incident”, but added that various details of the case were exaggerated. It was wrongly advertised that the deceased was stabbed 35 times. The postmortem report revealed that she was stabbed 8 times

Making an oblique reference to the Delhi government, he appealed to the public not to pay heed to the “misleading advertisements” creating fear and panic among citizens.

He further added that following the incident, two protests were held, one on July 19 outside the Police Headquarters, and it was found that out of 35 protesters, only one belonged to Anand Parbat area. In another protest outside the Anand Parbat police station on July 21, only two belonged to the area, he said.

So what is AAP trying to achieve with all these dramas. Have they ever thought that the assault on the Police has increased and if tomorrow police responds like the police of America then who will be loosing the life. It’s time the Government of India steps in and issues a stern warning to the Delhi Government to either work within the framework or be prepared to get dissolved.