Accused of corruption and extramarital relations, Top TMC leader Sovan Chatterjee along with alleged girlfriend joins BJP

On Wednesday, former Kolkata Mayor, West Bengal Minister and top brass TMC leader, Sovan Chatterjee jumped ship to BJP at the party’s Delhi based headquarters. However, despite being a political veteran, the name of Sovan Chatterjee is a rather controversial one as well for a number of reasons.

Chatterjee was seen on camera taking bribe in the Infamous Narada sting operation. The Narada sting operations are being probed by the CBI. Chatterjee is also accused of having an extramartial live-in relation with another married woman, Dr. Baisakhi Banerjee, who also joined BJP on Wednesday.

The two are almost always spotted together and often in dresses of same color. On several occasions, Baisakhi Banerjee had made it clear that she would accompany Chatterjee, wherever he goes.

Ratna Chatterjee, the wife of Sovan Chatterjee has accused her husband of estranging her and two children due his relations with Baisakhi Banerjee. Though Sovan Chatterjee maintains that Baisakhi Banerjee is just a close friend. Banerjee is an academician and was part of TMC’s intellectual circles before joining BJP.

Apart from Sovan Chatterjee and his alleged girlfriend Baisakhi Banerjee, veteran Bengali film actress Debashree Roy was also present at the BJP headquarters.

Debashree Roy is also involved with the TMC and is believed to be close to Mamata Banerjee. Though despite being present at the BJP headquarters, Debashree Roy did not take BJP flag or participate in any joining ceremonies, which keeps the speculation about her political status alive.