Acharya Balakrishna In Conversation With NDTV


NDTV went to the headquarters of Patanjali Ayurveda in Haridwar and met the CEO of the Swadeshi brand Acharya BalaKrishana. They went there to mock and expose the whole idea of Patanjali.

They started up by saying “An acharya having Rangerover and iPhone these are the only visible luxuries that the Acharya is having.”

Then they tried mocking Acharya for their tie-up with BJP Government. The journo literally said, “After BJP came to the power the business has grown a lot.” To this question, Acharya said “We hardly require the help of the government in the center. It is the state government which gives us NOC and other things. And the state where we operate has Congress government and they always create hurdles in our ways.

Then she even tried to mock Acharya of being a Nepali citizen and then she even said “Patanjali is coming up with its ‘Jeans’ and jeans is not Swadeshi. So isn’t that you are just doing business which has no relation with swadeshi.”

The answer to all these questions was very calmly and interestingly given by Acharya.

Watch the video: