Activists from POK exposed Pakistan’s role in terrorism in India during UN Human Rights Council meeting

The activists from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK), criticised the Pulwama attacks and other terrorist activities sponsored by Pakistan in India, during the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council on Monday.

Strongly condemning the Pulwama attacks, S Ali Kashmiri, Chairman of United Kashmir People’s National Party said that ,”Pak Army officials are openly asking Kashmiris to go for suicide attacks,” which he termed to be very alarming situation.

He said, “Pakistan’s Army Generals are now overtly asking Kashmiris to stop using weapons and instead go for suicide attacks. Retired Army Generals are doing it. It is an alarming situation as the state runs the risk of being divided into 1000 pieces because of Pakistan sponsored sectarianism and terrorism.”

Another activist, M Hassan also slammed Pakistan in strongest of words. Hassan said that Pakistan needs to dismantle terror networks operating out of POK, whose actions almost brought two nuclear powered states on the verge of war.

“We have been witnessing these attacks and counter-attacks from last 71 years. One Pulwama attack brought the two nuclear-powered countries on a brink of a full-scale war. The eventuality of the war might be catastrophic for the entire world,” Hassan said.