Is this actually a Naga Girl who is burning the Indian Flag?

A recent report on the New Indian Express has stated that, ‘Girl burns tricolour in video seeking Pakistan’s help for Naga sovereignty’. This report suggests that a video has been circulating in Facebook where a girl who claims herself to be of Nagaland origin is seen burning the Indian Flag.

The flag behind the girl depicts one similar to that of ‘Nagalim’, a flag which denotes unified Naga homeland envisaged by major Naga insurgent group – National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM). No-where in this report, has the New Indian Express able to authenticate the source of this video or establish the origin of this girl who claims to be of Indian-Nagaland origin.

The report also suggests that a Nagaland social media user has commented, “She doesn’t sound like a Naga girl. This is a shameful video”. This report further claims that this girl could be of Mongoloid origin and there are speculations that this video was shot by elements outside the country.

From whatever search I could do in google, I can see that this video has been shared by a YouTube channel called the ‘Lahori Club’ 22nd August 2017. Please find below the full video:-

Lahori Club just deleted this video and hence, please find it from another channel

Her statement is as follows:-

“Dear Pakistani nation, first of all I wish you all a very happy Independence Day. I’d like to tell you that we Nagas also observe 14th of August as our Independence Day because like you, we also achieved our independence on the same day from (the) British. Unfortunately, you remained independent while we became slaves of India who reoccupied us after (the) British left. To this date, Nagas continue to fight against Brahmin terrorist state just like Kashmiris and Sikhs for freedom. Today, I want to burn this flag of occupation and seek your support for the Naga cause”.

“We are not Indians and this is not India. We observe 15th of August as a black day. We have our own history, culture, language, our own country and army. And we now want our freedom”.

The interesting part of this one-minute-and-32-second video is that the girl who claims herself to be of Indian-Nagaland origin, is seen reaching out to Pakistan for help. Pakistan, a country which is confounded by its own series of internal Political bickering, scam ridden politicians and unending terrorist attacks. Pakistan, a country which is massacring citizens from Balochistan, in an attempt to silence their voices.

Pictures of PM Narendra Modi holding a sword, people wearing the Hindu tilak with knives, terms like ‘Brahmin terrorist state‘, ‘Kashmiris and Sikhs for freedom‘ makes this video more comical than anything serious.

If one analyzes the content shared by this channel, it is quite obvious in nature. This channel has picked up Anti-India content from various hatred forums, thinking that with its 208 subscribers, it could change the positive perception of India in the International arena. Reading the comments posted against this video which was shared by the ‘Lahori Club’, people would realize what a failure was this so called pathetic attempt to try and separate Nagaland from India.

If one watches the logo (FK) used at the top left corner of the video, it seems to be a product of a twitter user by the name Fahad Kahut (@FKahut). A self proclaimed Filmmaker and Social activist as per his twitter profile.

A glimpse of his Youtube channel, gives us more sinister details. He seem to have made a list of videos which glorifies the freedom movement of Kashmiris, Indian Army torturing Kashmiri Muslims, pro Pakistan-Balochistan documentaries and one similar video by yet another Naga girl of questionable Indian-Nagaland origin.

The above two minute and four second video which was published on July 24th 2017, seems to show a girl of ‘so called Naga origin’ who goes ahead to make Anti-India comments. This video had voiced similar opinions, “We have our own history, culture, language, our own country and army. And we now want our freedom”. Clearly Fahad has copied the script from one video to another in an attempt to portray Anti-India and pro Naga sentiments.

This inks a clear agenda, such Anti-India videos are shot by selected few Pakistan origin small time film makers and promoted in social media to create hatred. With the kind of pro-China sentiments exposed by these people, we can clearly assume two things:-

  1. These videos have not been shot in India or have used any Indian-origin people
  2. A Chinese hidden hand seems to be emerging from these videos which not only fans Anti-India sentiments but also China’s hand in starting an internal conflict in India

What is even more shocking is that, such videos are being shared by twitter users who claim to be from India. For example the twitter handle given below, @Freedom4Hyd, has shared this video in an attempt to garner Anti-India sentiments. This particular user also claims itself to be a ‘Voice for Christians in India’.

Clearly there is an army of paid social media trolls with a primary intent of using such videos and news items to break India. The sentiments echoed by these troll users are very much similar to the likes of few popular twitter handles of communist origin. These handles are desperately trying to echo pro Naga/Kashmir sentiments by defaming the Indian Army.

I don’t need to point out who these popular twitter handles are, but many Social Media users would definitely know who they are.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna !!!