Adani group accuses Dhruv Rathee of peddling fake news, forced him to delete tweet

It is a no secret that obtaining information has become easier than it ever was in the history of mankind with the rise of social media. However it is also a fact that spreading misinformation, fake news and propaganda has also become easier than ever in this age of social media. And with both information and misinformation floating around the skies of social media, more often than not confusion the users, a new section of people emerged on the horizon sometime back.

These were the self appointed crusaders against fake or misleading news. In no time, these people made a mane for themselves by promising of filtering the information on social media and separating the real from the fake. But what would happen if these crusaders against fake news, indulge in peddling misinformation themselves?

Video blogger Dhruv Rathee recently made a tweet claiming that 170,000 hectares of rich dense forests in Chhattisgarh have been sold off to Adani group. Further along with the tweet, Rathee shared a map of the Chhatisgarh forests with several spots marked, purportedly suggesting that those have been given to the Adani group.

Rathee’s tweet met with a rather quick retort from the Adani group, who strongly objected to “factually incorrect and malicious claims” made by the blogger. “We have not acquired the referred piece of land nor has the government sold it to us. We do not own any mine in Chhattisgarh. We urge you to withdraw the fake news to avoid legal consequences,” The Adani group said, accusing Dhruv Rathee of peddling fake news.

Following the warning of the Adani group, Dhruv Rathee did not waste a moment to delete his Tweet accused of spreading” fake news.” Though he blamed the Adani group of” threatening” him and cited it as an excuse for deleting the tweet. “I deleted my previous tweet because Adani Group is threatening me with a defamation case,” he said.

While it is true that some reports suggest that Government has granted permission for mining in Chhatisgarh forests, there is no confirmation about lands being sold off to private corporates as claimed by Rathee.