An advice to Mumbai Police, it’s time to take celebrity out of the equation

Crime, Celebrity, Social Media, Justice and Moral Police are all the key elements in any controversial issue. Unfortunately, in most scenarios the basic cause is lost, or the truth remains concealed. Gradually with continuous gnawing of matters on different mediums the incident turns old and is replaced by some other occurrence.

It has become quite easy to understand the trend of any incident, how the discussions/accusations/confessions will unfold and how justice could be served, or the injustice displayed will encourage few more perpetrators, eventually more victims.

The recent case of Zaira Wasim’s molestation charges against co-passenger is right on the same path. We have the celebrity, the crime, the social media arguments and the moral policing by the Maharashtra police. The intent of the article is not to take sides or judge people involved but to bring out few significant thoughts raised by social media which does give valid view of the episode.

Latest chain of discussion after the Mumbai Police twitter handle released the following statement:

With due respect to the Law and specifically the POCSO Law, does this mean that the Mumbai Police has already judged who’s the victim and who’s the accused already? As rightfully the twitter members point out that till the case is given the final judgement even the one ‘accused’ has right to protection and respect.

How do we undo the damage or un-see two-decade false run of justice in the Salman Khan bulldozing sleeping pedestrians? Where was the Mumbai Police stand there or is there a new ‘Celebrity Protection’ Act we are not aware of?

The case is still awaiting judgement, but the accused is being treated like a criminal already. There have been enough statements by co-passengers and the airline crew to support Vikas Sachdeva. Why are all those accounts not given importance. Does a video of crying ‘supposed victim’ hold more importance than facts?

One simple question,

If Zaira Wasim is the victim here, the trauma of being harassed is undeniable. It could have been much simpler if she could have raised a cry in the flight then itself and demanded action on the guy and support from the other passengers and crew. The airlines crew could have helped her by re-locating the ‘accused’ to some other seat. Uploading a video and letting out tears and anguish at a later point of time seems very unlikely course of action.

Now, if Zaira Wasim is not the victim then how will the Mumbai Police handle the case? Will she be treated like the ‘accused’ here, charged guilty of misguiding the police and defaming a simple man? How will the Police compensate the lost of pride/respect for this man?

And what precedent will this case lead to? Crying wolf will only lead to the lack of justice in real horrendous incidents against women.

The institutions of Law and Women rights require to protect citizens against crime from culprits and to do so, in such cases it is very important to keep the ‘celebrity’ factor out of the equation. Only then one can see through the truth. May the truth wins.

SatyaVijayi !!!