After facing protests at the theology department, Professor Firoz Khan appears for interview at BHU’s Ayurveda faculty

Firoz Khan, who was facing protests for being appointed as an assistant professor in the Sanskrit Department of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), will appear for an interview on Friday to teach at the varsity’s Ayurveda Department.

“It has been our demand that he (Khan) can be appointed in any department other than our department. We do not have any problem with it,” Amit Kumar Dubey, student of Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vedvigyan Sankay (SVDVS) Department told ANI.
On November 24, the faculty members and the retired professors of the BHU had expressed their support for the students who are protesting against the appointment of Firoz as an assistant professor of Sanskrit at the Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyaan department (faculty of theology).

The teachers of the University had penned down a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind in this regard.

The agitated professors were demanding immediate annulment of the appointment of Khan from the department and have urged the President, who is also a visitor of BHU, to place Khan in any other Sanskrit teaching department of the University.

The appointment of Khan in the department had triggered protests by the varsity’s students.

The agitating students said that the protest is not against the appointment of a Muslim professor, but the appointment of a non-Hindu in a subject closely connected with the religion.