After fake EVM Hacking And Swapping, Opposition party members tweet about sale of EVMs

The Lok Sabha elections of india is considered the biggest and most exhausting electoral process, anywhere in the world. However pretty surprisingly, the single biggest issue of this year’s elections was not any matter of national or international concern, but a tool of this entire process itself, the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

From months prior to the elections, the opposition parties were constantly protesting against the usage of EVMs in the elections, stating that they could be hacked or tampered in one particular party’s favour. However, many experts from time to time have clarified that the EVMs can’t be hacked since they are just simple calculating machines without any function to connect with the Internet. They have also clarified that it is next to impossible to tamper with the EVM machines that are kept under strong security of the election commission.

Nevertheless, the entire poll process finished and on 19th of May, the results of exit polls conducted by various agencies and channels were released. All the polls, unanimously predicted a BJP comeback in 2019 and this led the opposition to come up with yet another theory.

This time the opposition alleged that the Exit poll results are false and are specifically designed to demoralise their cadre, so that the BJP can take advantage of the situation and easily replace the original polled EVMs with ones containing fake votes in their favour. To prove that there are loopholes in the security of the election commission, the opposition and their sympathisers came up with some selected quotes from an old RTI response to claim that in past, 20 lakh EVMs had gone missing from the possession of the ECI. Some random videos showing EVMs moving on vehicles were also shared on social media platforms to add further credibility to the claims.

Later, both the claims about EVM movement and missing EVMs were categorically rubbished by the Election Commission. Further, those media houses who ran stories on it also had to apologise.

And now, with just few hours to go for the results, the opposition sympathisers have come up with yet another outlandish theory that the EVMs used by the Election Commission could be brought from stores. They suggest that the EVMs are available for anyone to buy and use.

“I hope I don’t find an #EVM on (link: now,” said Congress leader Sanjay Jha in a tweet.

This claim is completely false as the EVMs which are used by ECI are specially designed and could not be obtained by anyone. Yes some EVMs machines were available in online stores but those are not same as the ones used by the ECI. These EVMs available in stores are best described as “toy EVM.” It is being believed that sensing a verdict against them, a section of people are trying to monger fear and panic amongst the public.