After former Miss Universe India, now nationally acclaimed female boxer gets molested in Kolkata, Shaikh Firoz, Washim Khan and one other arrested

A nationally acclaimed female boxer who works at Kolkata’s writer’s building has alleged that on Saturday morning on her way to the office, she was molested by three men.

The boxer alleged that while she was on her way to the office, she stopped her scooter beside a bus as the red light was on. Meanwhile, three youths tried to board the bus but were obstructed due to her scooter. They allegedly hurled expletives at her, even after they boarded the bus and it started moving.

To get back at the youth for their behavior, the boxer chased the bus and finally caught it at at the crossing of Diamond Harbour Road and Remount Road. When the boxer protested against the youth for their behavior, the trio allegedly got down from the bus and assaulted her. They even outraged her modesty.

The boxer has further alleged that when the entire altercation was taking place, a Kolkata police cop was standing nearby but he remained silent. She said that when she asked for help from the cop, he simply asked her to go and file a complaint at police station instead of taking any action against the youth.

Later in the day, she narrated the entire incident through a Facebook post which forced senior officials of the Kolkata to rush into action. Later at night, she lodged a complaint against the youths at South Port police station. Immediately after the complaint, police arrested the three accused persons identified as Rahul Sharma, Shaikh Firoz and Washim Khan.

This comes days after former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta faced a similar situation in Kolkata where she was molested and attacked by seven youth at midnight. Even in that case, police was accused of inaction. With two similar incidents within a span of hardly a week, questions are now being asked about the conduct of Kolkata police and whether the citizens of the city are really as secured as they should be.