After getting trolled, Swara Bhasker clarifies her tweet allegedly on Indian Army

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker had recently tweeted responding to Sadhguru’s “liberals are fanatics remark” that Some assholes with big caste pride, tied men to a jeep, flogged them publicly and recorded it ; #ButLiberalsAreFanatics #SadhguruSays.

The tweet was misinterpreted with the Kashmir’s human shield incident. People claimed that she abused the Indian Army and Major Gogoi. She was attacked by a lot of people.

She clarified after her tweet was misinterpreted that it was not related to Major Gogoi or the Indian Army but the 2016 Una flogging where seven members of a Dalit family were tied to a jeep and beaten with iron rods for skinning a dead cow.