After nuclear threat, Javed Miandad wanted to hoist peace flag at Indo-Pak LoC; plans foiled by Pakistani Army

Former Pakistani Batsman Javed Miandad and British boxer of Pakistani origin Amir Khan were not allowed to visit Indo-Pak LoC for their peace march by the Pakistani Army. Earlier, Miandad had announced for a march to demand peace between India and Pakistan. His plans were to hoist a peace flag at the LoC and urge both the sides to maintain peace and tranquility.

“I will go to the border for peace. I will call all the top people, the sportspeople and everyone. I will go there and tell everyone about peace. I will go with a peace flag. If these things did not stop then I will go border with anyone who will join me and after going there I will tell people that we want peace and we are with Kashmiri people,” Miandad had said in a video he posted on his Twitter handle.

“I will take all the people from sports fraternity and all the people from all over the world, and I will go to the border and hoist a flag for peace. All the soldiers there will see how peaceful we are. I want India and Pakistan to end everything peaceful,” he said.

Miandad further added that he wants everyone is allowed to exercise their rights.

“I want everyone to get their right. They are fighting for their rights for 40 years. If you treat people unfairly, more instances will come up. Everyone needs to think about Kashmir and find a solution,” Miandad said.