After spending couple of nights in custody Ajaz Khan goes through change of heart, heaps praises on PM Modi, promotes communal harmony

Actor Ajaz Khan who recently had to spend a couple of nights in custody due to his controversial and communally provocative videos, seems to have gone through a change of heart. Khan who used to be a critic of Prime Minster Narendra Modi, his government and policies, has now heaped praises on him in a latest video.

Ajaz in his latest video is seen lauding the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government for releasing innocent Muslim youth who were allegedly arrested on false charges of terrorism.

“We have to be truthful here. There is one issue on, which we should applaud the BJP. I don’t agree with their ‘Jai Shri Ram’ sloganeering or politics over ‘Triple Talaq’ which is obviously wrong but we should praise the BJP government, especially Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah ji who have released many innocent Muslims languishing in the jails since the last 15-20 years when Congress was in power,” Ajaz is heard saying.

Ajaz went on to claim that Muslims in the country should seek justice on this issue from Congress and not from the BJP, who was not even in the frame when these folks were wrongfully jailed. “It will be our duplicity if we ask BJP for justice for the wrongs done by the Congress regime. Congress had declared them as terrorists without any proof and lodged them in jails. The BJP should be credited for the release of these innocent Muslims. 5 were released from Jaipur, 3-4 from Kashmir, some from Ahmedabad. BJP could have held them in captivity but they have released them. This is the good work that BJP and PM Modi has done, ” he added.

In yet another recent video, Ajaz is seen promoting communal harmony in the country. It may be remembered that just before getting arrested, Ajaz had released a very inciting video saying that there are 40 crore Muslims in India, including both legal citizens and illegal trespassers.

Ajaz was sent to a 14 day Judicial custody, though he managed to obtain bail by paying a bond of 1 Lakh rupees.