After statue of unity, now 151 meters tall statue of Lord Rama at Ayodhya

After the much discussed Statue of Unity, now Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath is reportedly gearing up to build a 151-meter tall statue of Lord Rama at the banks of Sarayu river in Ayodhya. The Chief Minister is expected to make the announcement during Diwali celebrations at the city, which had remained the centre of politics for over two decades.

The proposal to construct the statue was discussed by the UP government a few months back and several meetings of the top officials of the culture and tourism ministry of the state have already taken place. The project is aimed at increasing tourism in Ayodhya.

Hundreds of crores of rupees will be spent to build the statue which would be visible from all parts of the city. This is going to be Lord Rama’s tallest statue in the world.

Responding to the possible announcement of the grand statue in Ayodhya, the chief priest of the Ram Janambhoomi Mahant Satyendra Das said, “This is being done to divert the minds of crores of Hindus that demand construction of Ram Mandir at the earliest from the government. Instead of this, a grand Ram temple shall be built in Ayodhya at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, the Babri Masjid litigant Iqbal Ansari said, “We have no problem with the construction of Lord Ram statue on the banks of Saryuriver. However, no development work has been done in this city [Ayodhya] under the current regime. People in this city are unemployed and they seek jobs.”