Ahmed Patel rushes to house of AICC worker during IT raids, IT Department suggests hawala route used for major political party in Tughlaq Road

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel has rushed to the house of SM Moin, an AICC worker, where an IT raid is being conducted in Delhi. As per reports from Republic TV, the administrative officer is under scanner for receiving Rs. 20 crores from Bhopal, pertaining to which the authorities of the income tax department are conducting raids at his residence.

As per a press release by CBDT, based upon credible information of large scale collection, possession & movement of unaccounted assets, Delhi Directorate of Income Tax (Inv.) initiated search & seizure action on a group in NCR, Bhopal, Indore & Goa.

The searches in Madhya Pradesh have detected wide spread & well-organized racket of collection of unaccounted cash of about ₹ 281 cr through various persons in different walks of life including business, politics & public service. A part of this amount was transferred to the head office of a major political party located at Tughlaq Road in Delhi, which included Rs 20 crore transferred through hawala route. This amount was moved through a senior functionary of the party.

The meticulous records of collection & disbursement of cash in form of hand written diaries, computer files & excel sheets were found and seized during the raids, which corroborate the findings of unaccounted money transactions.

The searches in Moin’s residence have yielded more evidence of unaccounted money. A cash book with records of Rs 230 crore, siphoning of more than Rs 242 crores using bogus bills and evidence of more than 80 companies in tax heavens were found in the raids. Income Tax officials also found several unaccounted and benami properties at posh locations in Delhi.

Cover Pic Source: Republic TV