AIMIM Bihar face Akhtarul Iman objects to refer to the country as ‘Hindustan’ while taking oath

AIMIM top leader in Bihar, Akhtarul Iman objected to using the word ‘Hindustan’ while taking oath for the office. Iman insisted on using ‘Bharat’ instead of Hindustan while swearing-in.

Iman took his oath in Urdu. In his affidavit, there was a reference of word ‘Hindustan’ to which Iman objected. It left protem speaker Jiten Ram Manjhi visibly bewildered who pointed out that as per convention those who take oath in Urdu said “Hindustan”. The chair, however, permitted him to use the word Bharat.

Iman sought to justify his objection by hiding behind the constitution. “Oath is taken as per the Constitution which mentions ‘Bharat’ everywhere. I wanted to know whether it’s okay to say ‘Hindustan’ or shall I say ‘Bharat’ during oath-taking today. We are lawmakers, we should place the Constitution above all,” Iman said.

Responding to questions outside the Assembly, Iman said that he had ‘raised no objections’ to the usage of the word ‘Hindustan. ‘”I had simply made a point that whenever we read the Preamble of the Constitution, in whichever language, it mentions the word Bharat. In the light of this fact I felt that since we are taking oath in the name of the Constitution, it would be proper if use the same term for the name of our country,” he further said.

Iman’s actions invited sharp criticism from the BJP. Party leader and minister Pramod Kumar said that ‘those having a problem with the word Hindustan should go to Pakistan’. Iman, the Amour MLA is one of the five AIMIM legislators who have been elected in the recently concluded Bihar Assembly elections.