Aiming 2024 elections BJP president JP Nadda to embark on a 120 day long nation wide tour, will meet booth level cadres in every state

Despite the Lok Sabha polls still being four years away, BJP is set to begin its preparations already. With an eye to get the machinery prepared for 2024’s challenge, BJP president JP Nadda is all set to leave on a 120 day long nation wide tour, in which he will interact with leaders and cadres in every state.

BJP General Secretary Arun Singh said Nadda is scheduled to visit all the states across the country. “The nation-wide programme will include holding press conferences, virtual meetings with cadres from state-level right up to the booth-level and also organising virtual community events. The national president will hold at least one meeting at the booth-level in every state,” Singh said.

The saffron party has chalked out separate plans for the states where it is in power and the states which are being ruled by opposition. In states where the BJP is ruling, Nadda will emphasis on improving the image of the state governments while in states where they are in opposition he will encourage building campaigns against the ruling regimes by taking up various local issues.

In accordance with the plan, BJP has categorized opposition states in A, B and C brackets. With the former two comprising of big opposition ruled states and the latter being made up of smaller states. The tour will begin on 5th of December and the first state to be toured will be Uttarakhand.

Nadda will spend three days in bigger states while at least two in smaller ones. States which are poll bound such as West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry will be given a special focus.

In a bid to reach out to the grassroots level castes, Nadda will hold at least one booth level meeting in every state. Being a party that puts a lot emphasis on social media and technology, Nadda is also expected to meet digital volunteers from various states. Another important feature will be meetings allies in the states. “The BJP will endeavour during the meetings to strategise on winning those Lok Sabha seats the party could not in 2019,” said Singh.

Covid-19 protocols would be strongly maintained in the tour. The BJP has said Nadda’s travel plans will follow all Covid-19 guidelines, with arrangements being made for checking temperatures, masks and santisation.