Air Force Carrying Currency Notes to Facilitate Cash Liquidity

PM Modi made a promise this morning, in the address to his rally at Ghazipur in the poll bound state of Uttar Pradesh. And by afternoon, we had some good news!

In the morning, the PM had said that he will take all necessary efforts; his government would leave no stone unturned to ensure that the general public does not suffer; because of his demonetisation scheme.

By afternoon, Air Force Helicopters, MI-17 and Transporter planes Globe Master were doing rounds from mints and Zonal Centres of RBI to Regional Centres to carry cash.

5 C-17 Globe Master planes have been employed by the Mysore Printing Press and 3 by the Nagpur Zonal Centre of the RBI. News is that the central government has given orders to facilitate as much flow of cash as possible.

The citizens have hailed this move. Clearly, the public support is heavily in favour of Modi. The people present in the Ghazipur rally were hailing the Prime Minister with their hands raised. Social Media is abuzz with support, too! #IAmWithModi is trending on top on Twitter. PM Modi, in the same rally, said that nobody will be harassed unnecessarily. However, no corrupt harder will be spared.